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The Premiere Festival: The Siana Treece Collection

Posted on: September 16, 2013



Social media is a powerful thing. It is amazing how many people I have met through it. People who are like minded, creative, and just pure awesome. I followed Siana Treece (Pictured above with her model) on Instagram. I never knew she was a designer. She stopped me the night before at the show and told me to come check out her showcase. I was like sure!

And I was so blown away by her sexy, vivacious, red carpet looks that I had to do a separate blog post for it.



This gown is sexy and sleek with a pop of crazy on the bottom.


Siana gives us metallics and high thigh slits.


I’ve never seen the side cut out before. It is sexy but not overly raunchy.


Girly yet business like. I can see this dress dressed up or down.


How many times can I say I loved every piece?


So flirty and elegant.


This was one of my top two favorite gowns of hers. The silhouette and the detailing are just amazing.


This was my top favorite. This is the most interesting, most stunning dress I’ve ever seen. It is such a conversation piece. I am in just in love with her line.


And then it was the end of the show. Great job Siana Treece. Keep up the amazing work girl!


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