Beauty and the Muse

The Wilkes University Experience

Posted on: July 1, 2013


WilkesI found this article in the creative writing office. Look! There’s Nathan on top (he’s in our cohort group).

Wilkes1  Wilkes2

We experienced theater (in my snobby voice). There’s Dr. Bonnie in the middle, head lady in charge. She’s too awesome.




We had a book fair for all the published faculty members and alumni.


We sung songs that night. And danced to Rihanna. Hi, Rachel 🙂

Wilkes5 Wilkes6 Kelly and I read stories at Bart & Urby’s



We had Oral Interpretation class.


Our last night. Wilkes Banquet/Graduation Ceremony.

Wilkes18 Wilkes26 Nathan and Tiff. Nina and I. All love here.



John and I. Then in the next photo we have Michael and Nina.



Debra, Kelly, Draper, and I.                                                                         Nicky is due any time now!



My crew. We are strong. Look at those muscles.


(Left) Sara and Kevin, my nonfiction professor. He taught me everything I know about creative nonfiction.

(Right) Draper and Sara straight cooling in this pic.



Cecilia looked amazing that night.                                     Susan and I. She was fab. And Nina in the back laughing at us.




The highlight of my night, getting to take a picture with my mentor and professor, Taylor Polites 🙂 And we look skinny.

Wilkes35The night was over and I saw this on the way back to the dorm.



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