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Tess Munster “Munster Inc.”

Posted on: June 12, 2013

Tess-Munster-for-SwakDesignBy Leah Vernon

I first laid eyes on this vivacious model on a blog on She had on a two-piece bathing suit; her hair and make-up was done flawlessly as she peered over her shoulder, slightly pouting for the camera by the pool. I saw her a few weeks later on I think she may have been in lingerie that time. Today, I read an article from entitled, Best Plus-Sized Models: Who Is Dominating The Industry Right Now. I wanted to know more.

I read down the list and at #8, Tess Munster was there holding rank. At first glance, Tess reminded me of a mix between Sara Rue and Katy Perry with a pinch of tats and a scoop of huge boobs. The structure of her face is amazing, vibrant. And I must say that I hate her for not having a double-chin. Her style is impeccable and her confidence is even more alluring. She looks like the kind of gal that can go out and just have fun.

Tess does everything. She blogs. She models. She does make-up. She’s an activist. And she may even be on a little screen near you, a reality show called “The Big Girl’s Club” which she explained during an interview with Plus Model Magazine. In the interview, she explained the hardships of being in the public eye and being plus-size. Not only are plus-size women in the media criticized by some straight sized audiences but by some of the plus-sized audiences as well: ” I got a lot of really hurtful things said to me by some Torrid fans because they didn’t think I was big enough to be a Torrid model. I remember thinking, “I’m an 18/20 and I don’t necessarily want to be!” [laughs] They would want to see their sizes of 26/28 and I told them that Torrid does pick real women.”

Can’t we all just get along? Gosh. This may be off topic but everyone needs to practice acceptance. Everything in the world does not fit into a certain mold. Plus-size can be any size that is curvy, voluptuous, thick, or whatever. All love here. But Tess is strong and perseveres in her quest to be all she can be…the fabulous woman she is.

Let’s hope she goes far in her endeavors.

Here are a few pics that I really enjoyed:

o-BEST-PLUS-SIZE-MODELS-570 60’s pinup look featured on

banner_7Sexiness to the max!

batcakes-couture-ears-01-650x585 Amazing editorial shot and I love the cat ears.

306819_178647392211714_100001993620204_379321_1646382553_n What’s not to love about this?! Just amazing and fun. I wish I could rock a pink wig and a candy bra 🙂


Check out all the plus-size models that made the top ten list including Tess @

Also check out Tess’s blog @






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