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Sunglass Obsession: Summer Trends

Posted on: June 12, 2013

kelis-sunglasses-2013-promo-photo-600x450 By Leah Vernon

My friend went shopping and bought a huge bag of stuff. She pulled one piece out at a time, explaining each article of clothing as we ohhh’d and ahhh’d at every one of  her new closet treasures. She pulled out a pair of sunglasses. They were baaadddd. Jealousy crept on me as she tried them on and posed. They looked perfect on her face too. I wanted them. But I couldn’t have them, she’d got to them first. At that moment, I knew I had to step my sunglasses game up. And I did. I found three pairs that were going to be my staples for the entire summer.


3 (1)tumblr_lxamjrmWAe1r434bco1_500


I grabbed a pair of these “John Lennon” inspired shades when I saw Rihanna rocking them during her concert. I have a big forehead. She has a big forehead. Hey, why not? I thought I could rock them too. I bought them at Plato’s Closet for like ten bucks. They looked cute on me in the store (darn those store lights). But after I wore and took pictures in them, I thought it made my already long face appear even longer. These may be better on faces that are heart-shaped, round, and/or square.




Ok, much better. I fell in love with these “Heart-shaped” sunglasses when I first laid eyes on them sitting idle on a J.C.  Penney’s rack. For ten dollars, I had to have them. Peace. Love. And hearts.

cats-eye-sunglassestom-ford-eyewear-spring-2011securedownload (17)


I wore my 60’s inspired “Cat-Eye” sunglasses to an art show. I got them at Plato’s Closet as well, same price as the one above. I feel old-skool poet when I wear them. And they don’t make my face look like a banana either. 🙂


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I am my own worst critic. There’s many things that I loved that I stopped doing because I “wasn’t good enough”. Because what I looked like was “disgusting”. The things I wrote about would “disgrace” my family, my religion, myself. For five years, I didn’t do anything. And, resented the fact that I wasn’t living in my purpose. I was floating along life, mimicking what I thought people like me did. They didn’t model. They didn’t cuss. They made their husbands happy. They stayed out of the way. But, most of them were doormats. I chose to put it all out there. On the internets and become myself 😂🤣 There will always be critics. People who don’t read nothin you say or have no idea what you stand for but will look at your body and judge you based on that and that alone. The person in the next slide (swipe over) keeps referring to my body as “that” which means they don’t see my fat glory as human. He/she calls me disgusting. Calls me a disgrace. But, their profile pic says “Inspiration”. My body is my temple. I am a queen. I appreciate what my body does for me despite my size. Period! 👏🏾 And, a reminder for you if you are struggling with body hate—from yourself or others or society—your body is a grand temple. Adorn it. Hug it. Nourish it. In what ways do you overly criticized your self, your body? What advice would you give someone who is critical of their self? Let’s chat. Photo: @rvxmendoza Fit: @fashionnovacurve #detroitblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #highfashion #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #blackgirlswhoblog #fashion #londonblogger #psfashion #detroit #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #naturalhair #plusmodel #feminist #wiw #intersectionalfeminism #turbanista #bodydysmorphia #fatacceptance #vintage #summerstyle #selflove #streetstyle #novababe

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